MyPro offer the best to our clients

MyPro Solutions provides various solutions, products and services, which can easily adapt to rapidly changing environments and technologies.

MyPro Soltions team will provide your company with wide array of our solutions and services.

Computer, Parts, Supplies, Peripherals, Servers and Storage > Consequently, we are able to provide with a high quality one -stop shop experience to cater all your PC, Servers, Software, Peripherals, and Network equipment Supplies requirements.
Software Licenses > We provide software licensing services to customer that requires Desktop and Server OS, Productivity tools, Antivirus, Database servers and VM licenses.
Structured Cabling Solutions > We will setup an end-to-end structured cabling solutions integrating voice, data and video traffic through various media using LAN/WAN and Wireless environment.
CCTV, Biometric, Door Access and ID Card Printer > We design, supply and install closed-circuit television system including biometric system, door access and ID Card to deter crime and to protect the safety of your property.
Electrical Cabling Solutions > We specialize in ensuring your electrical needs are catered for by our trusted and experienced electricians and engineers dedicated to meeting the need s of our clients.
Network and Information Security Solutions > We will provide you with high performance security solutions such as Firewall, Anti -virus, Security Appliance, Intrusion Prevention, Web Security and Email Security.
Data and Telephony Solutions > Our computer telephony solutions comprised of Automatic Call Distribution system or ACD, PABX system, Interactive Voice Response system or IVRS and it can be integrated to CRM or Customer Relationship Management system.
Computer Support Services > We also offer different types of consultative and technical support services such as, Network administration, I.T. Helpdesk, Computer equipment preventive maintenance, Trainings and seminars.
IT Consultancy Services > We have our team of Information Technology professionals such as Software Developers/Engineers, Senior Programmers, Junior Programmers, Systems Analyst, Project Consultants, Network Administrator, Network Engineers, Database Administrators, Project Managers, Technical Writers, Data Encoders, Web Developer and more.
Data Center Infrastructure Solutions > We have our team to help you build your data center infrastructure from ground up, to design and installation, set-up and assembly of servers, network equipment and workstation including telecommunications, storage with redundant or backup power supplies, redundant communication connections, environmental controls (air conditioning and fire suppression) and various security devices that will house your computer systems and associated components.
Systems Development, Customized and Package Application > Whatever your business is we offer a wide range of customized and packaged solutions with financial and business management features that take care of all your critical business needs. We have our (CRM) Customer Relationship Management System, (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning System consist of Payroll Systems, Accounting Systems, Inventory Systems, Point-of-Sale System, Hospital System, Hotel System and School System.

Solutions and Services Overview

  • 1. Computer, Parts, Supplies, Peripherals, Servers, and Storage
  • 2. Software Licenses
  • 3. Structured Cabling
  • 4. CCTV, Biometric, Door Access and ID card printer
  • 5. Electrical Cabling Solutions
  • 6. Network and Information Security Solutions
  • 7. Data & Telephony Solutions
  • 8. Computer Support Services
  • 9. Consulting & Professional Services
  • 10. Data Center Infrastructure Solutions
  • 11. Systems Development
  • 12. Customized and Packaged Applications